Spiders of Texas

All the information on the deadliest spiders in Texas!

We Know Texas' Spiders

Texas has over 1,000 species of spiders. Luckily for Texas residents, 95% of these spiders are harmless to humans. However, there are some species every Texas citizen should know about. Here's a bit of information on those spiders.

Brown Recluse

Scientific Name: Loxosceles reclusa

Length: 1/4-3/4 inch

Leg Span: 1 inch

Color: Cream-Dark Brown, typically Medium  Brown

Location: Found in the Mideastern United States, ranging from extreme western North Carolina to the southeastern tip of Oklahoma, extending to Iowa and most of Texas

Special Features: Although most spiders in the Loxosceles family are well known for the violin marking on their back, the mark on the Brown Recluses back can be easily confused with similar markings on spiders such as cellar spiders and pirate spiders. The most unique feature of the Brown Recluse is the 3 pairs of eyes, which are very uncommon among spiders. Brown Recluse spiders will not bite unless they are forced to. Their bites can cause death, or other serious symptoms.


Scientific Name: Theraphosa blondi

Length: 1-4 inches

Leg Span: 3-12 inches

Color: Cream- Dark or Light Brown

Location:  South and West parts of the U.S., Central America, throughout South America, Africa, large parts of Asia, all over Australia and in Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Italy, and Cyprus

Special Features: The tarantula can be aggressive, and will bite if provoked. Their bite can penetrate skin, but the venom produces an effect similar to a wasp bite, virtually harmless to humans long term.


Black Widow

Scientific Name: Lactrodectus hesperus

Length: Female- 1/2 inch

            Male-1/6 inch

Leg Span: Female- 1.5-2/3 inch

Color: Female- Glossy jet-black

         Male-Tan or Light Brown

Location: Warmer western regions of the US to as far east as Oklahoma and Kansas, as high north as southwest Canada and can be found along the Pacific Coast in Mexico

Special Features: Has a bright red hourglass shape marking on the underside of the abdomen. Not always a complete hourglass shape. Female is most dangerous, typical non-aggressive. Nocturnal.


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